Integrated solar water heater

Hot water from the sun. Our integrated solar water heater is a so-called integrated solar collector storage system.

All components of this unique and patented system are located in the solar collector. The solar heat is stored in phase transition material in the vacuum tubes of the integrated solar boiler.

This is in contrast to a conventional solar boiler system, in which the heat storage area is indoor.

The advantages:

  • Does not take up any space in the house
  • Easy installation
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency due to the use of vacuum tubes

The integrated solar water heater has a high efficiency due to the use of vacuum tubes. As a result, the system supplies hot water throughout the year. As with a regular solar boiler system, additional heating is necessary when the sun shines a little less. After-heating is possible, for example, with a regular central heating boiler. In addition, the integrated solar boiler has an electric after-heating element.

The integrated solar water heater provides hot water at a temperature of 50°C. Each tube delivers 25 L of hot water in sunny weather.

The integrated solar water heater is available in the following versions:

  • 100 L of 50°C, 4 tubes
  • 150 L of 50°C, 6 tubes
  • 200 L of 50°C, 8 tubes

Any shadow-free flat roof, tiled roof and wall with an orientation between southeast via south to southwest, is suitable for the integrated solar boiler.

Special brackets are supplied for installation on a tiled roof.

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